5 Historic Asian Cities That You Should Visit

When picking a travel destination, it is best to pick the ones that are rich in history and culture. Travelling to historical sites is a fun way to learn more about a country. Asia has a lot of interesting cities where you can experience the past and see awesome architecture. Here are 5 recommended historic Asian cities you might want to consider:


  1. George Town

If you’re planning to travel to Malaysia, check out George Town. George Town (or Georgetown) is located in Penang. This city was founded in 1786 and was named after King George III of the United Kingdom. You’ll find interesting colonial era establishments here like Penang’s city hall and the famous Eastern & Oriental Hotel. There’s also the Chinese-influenced building called the Blue Mansion.


  1. Hue

If you’re going to Vietnam, go check out Hue aside from Hanoi and Saigon. The city of Hue is situated in Vietnam’s Thua Thien-Hue Province. This city is famous for its “Imperial City” that was established by the Nguyen Dynasty. There, you’ll find the Thai Hoa Palace and the The Mieu Temple.


  1. Agra

A trip to India won’t be satisfying if don’t drop by Agra. In this city, you’ll find Agra Fort and the famous Taj Mahal, which were built during the Mughal era. This city is also famous for its colorful marble stone crafts.


  1. Kyoto

If you’re planning to spend your holiday in Japan, don’t forget to visit Kyoto. You won’t regret heading over to this area. This Japanese city is home to several ancient buildings like Nijo Castle, Shimogamo Shrine, and Kinkaku-ji temple.

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  1. Vigan

Travelling to the Philippines will be even more fun if make a trip to Vigan. Vigan City, located in the province of Ilocos Sur, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Vigan, you’ll see buildings that feature Spanish colonial architecture. Taking a tour in that city will be more memorable if you’ll ride the kalesa, a horse-drawn carriage, that will take you along cobblestone streets.


6 Must-See Places in Manila

Manila is popularly known as the capital city of the Philippines. This Southeast Asian city is home to 12 million people. It has six districts and plenty of must-see places to visit. If you’re planning to go to Manila, below are some areas that you should not miss.


  1. Intramuros

Intramuros (also called as the “Walled City”) is one of the oldest areas in Manila. It is where you will find travel spots like Fort Santiago and Spanish-era churches such as the San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral. If you want to learn more about Philippine history, better include this area in the itinerary of future tours.


  1. Baywalk

If you want to unwind in Manila, don’t forget to check out Baywalk. Travelling to this area is a good idea. It is where you’ll see Manila Bay. Baywalk is one of the best spots to see Manila’s famous sunset. This area will remind you of holiday travel destinations like Miami and Hawaii. Baywalk is sometimes has local street performers to entertain you.


  1. Escolta Street

Escolta, on the other hand, is one of the oldest streets of the city. It’s also considered as one of the earliest business districts in the Philippines. Escolta is home to various American colonial period establishments like First United Building and Capitol Theater.


  1. Binondo

Believe it or not, the oldest Chinatown in the world is found in Manila. This travel spot was established in 1594 by a Spanish Governor, Luis Perez Dasmarinas. It is where Chinese immigrants first settled in. Binondo is also home to several authentic Chinese restaurants and food shops.


  1. Quiapo

Quiapo is considered as one of the interesting places that should be visited in Manila. If you’re looking for a unique souvenir, you’ll find amulets, wooden statues, and herbal concoctions in this area. It is home to the famous Quiapo Church and the Manila Golden Mosque, the largest mosque in Metro Manila. You’ll also find affordable halal food in the eateries run by the Muslim community of this area.


  1. Rizal Park

Travelling in Manila won’t be complete if you don’t drop by Rizal Park. It is where you will find the monument of Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero. This area is frequently visited by children for school field trips.

4 Things To Do When Travelling

Travelling is indeed fun because you get to see places you’ve never been before but there are things you must do and remember in order to have a memorable experience. Here are some of the things you should do while on a trip:


  1. Travel with a friend

Going on a trip would be even more fun if you have a friend with you. You can do away with a tour guide and you and your friend can decide on which tourist attractions to visit. It’s also a great bonding experience for friends, too!


  1. Study the language and culture

Before you go on your trips, study the language and culture of the country (or countries) where you will be going first. Study some basic phrases. Don’t forget to read something about the country’s culture and history. Learning the language and culture will be helpful when you purchase souvenirs and interact with the locals.


  1. Know the laws

To avoid getting in trouble, don’t forget to brush up on the laws of the country that you will be visiting. For example, in Singapore, bubblegum is considered contraband, so don’t even bother bringing even just one piece. Your holiday will become a nightmare if you’ll pay a fine or get arrested. Always be careful when travelling to other places.


  1. Go for affordable finds

If you don’t have much money, try your best to look for affordable finds. Find an inexpensive hotel where you and your friend/s can stay. Instead of dining restaurants, try the street food stalls instead. Of course, holiday trips won’t be complete if you don’t buy souvenirs. Make sure to get cheap but unique souvenirs for your friends and family back home.


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